You have probably heard about VoIP and how it can help your business, but have you done anything about it? If you are confused by all the acronyms such as PBX, SIPP and VoIP, this post will help. We’re focussing on the future of business telephony – hosted VoIP. Put simply, this is cloud based telephony where you just plug your phone into the internet and away you go.

If you have an onsite PBX phone system or you’re just using a standard phone line, why should you choose hosted VoIP? Our hosted VoIP product is called OptaNet Hosted Voice, and these are the ten reasons why you should have this in your office.


Hosted Voice you to work remotely. With an app on your mobile phone, you can call people and they will see your work number. Not only that, but the call will be billed to your work account. If someone calls your work number, you can set it to ring your mobile.

Immediate Alterations

Every Hosted Voice client of ours gets access to their own secure web portal where they can make immediate changes to their service. Change hunt groups, redirect calls, add a out of hours message, change your caller ID or password. You can do this without needing to contact anyone.

Cheap calls

One of the widely known benefits of VoIP is that calls cost less than standard phone lines. Using the internet for your calls you can make huge savings in this area, plus if you call others users of HVX, your calls will be free. This is ideal if you have multiple offices or franchisees.


Disaster planning

If your employees were unable to get into the office, how would this impact the business? With OptaNet Hosted Voice, you make calls via the cloud so none of your data is onsite. You can immediately add a message via your web portal, redirect calls to another office or send them to employee mobiles.

Professional telephony

Having a professional telephony system is easier than you think. With Hosted Voice you can pick features that you need for your business. There are loads to choose from such as call recording, call queuing, CRM integration, click to call, auto attendant, fax to email or even a full call monitoring solution for call centres.


30 day terms

OptaNet Hosted Voice works with your business. If your company is growing and you need more licences, just add more. If your business contracts, you can cancel the licences easily. Any bolt on services you have can also be cancelled as they’re all on a 30 day contract term. This is ideal should you need more phones for temporary or contractor work.

Simple installation

You need only an internet connection and an IP phone to take advantage of Hosted Voice. The phone can either plugged in to a power socket or you can choose to power it using an Ethernet cable, also known as powered over Ethernet (PoE). In this case you will need a PoE switch to facilitate this.

Range of handsets

We have a range of Yealink and Polycom handsets that are configured with Hosted Voice and include a warranty. We also have a number of conference phones that also work on the system. You may even decide to use your PC or Mac to make calls and if you do, we have headsets available too.


HD quality calls

As Hosted Voice works off your internet connection, the quality of your calls will depend on the bandwidth you have available. We can provide quality of service (QoS) on products such as fibre broadband or better, meaning call quality isn’t impacted by your businesses internet activity.

CRM Integration

OptaNet Hosted Voice can be integrated with a number of popular CRM software right out of the box. Get relevant caller data onscreen before the call is answered, use your mouse to answer, hang up, transfer etc. You can even see if your colleagues are on the phone before transferring them a call.