100% Assured Satellite

Satellite broadband for rural areas with 100% uptime and failover choice

Assured Satellite is one of our Assured Internet™ products providing businesses with downtime peace of mind. We offer a single Assured Satellite product with a download speed of up to 23Mbps. Broadband products from other ISPs do not come with any uptime service levels or guarantees. However, our solution combines low cost satellite broadband with a business data 4G SIM or copper ADSL acting as a diverse failover.

Should you have any downtime on the primary broadband line, your internet use will automatically redirect across the 4G or broadband network, thus keeping your business connected and your phones working (if you use VoIP services). By using a satellite signal and either a wireless mobile network or broadband network as the failover, it’s extremely unlikely that an outage will occur in the same location, at the same time, across two separate data networks.


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Service Provider Issues (Live Feed)

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Gregg Goddard Wagg

@bt_uk hi,is there an issue with the internet in HP11 2FN as my internet has gone down-again (this isn’t the first… t.co/xjbQYBF5Yq

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This is beyond brilliant. I would hold out for a full state of the art entertainment system, provided by bt to cur… t.co/8TokogqJvF

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Jeni Yong

@TalkTalk Internet connection down in Glasgow. Orange flashing light on router. Is there an issue in this area?

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Rachael Melvin 🎗️

Hey @TalkTalk our internet is so unreliable even though i pay for a speed boost. It's not good enough. Im doing an… t.co/91PFXZvDEG

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I got a message from Virgin saying the issue in the area has been fixed. But my internet isn't working still. Tried… t.co/vTjOd2ek0b

@virginmedia my internet is down once again. This time for 40 minutes. What is the issue? Why is virgin media incap… t.co/ynNBtwYlTW

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Assured Satellite Pro

Satellite broadband with a diverse 4G SIM failover. Download speeds of 22Mbps and upload of 6Mbps on the primary circuit with 40Gb data allowance.. Failover has 2GB data allowance per month but can be upgraded to 50Gb.

22Mbps download – 100% uptime SLA – 24 month term
£299 one-off for satellite equipment. £199 for WiFi router/firewall

Assured Satellite Business

Satellite broadband with a diverse broadband failover. Download speeds of 22Mbps and upload of 6Mbps on the primary circuit with 40Gb data allowance. Failover has unlimited data utilising ADSL broadband.

22Mbps download – 100% uptime SLA – 24 month term
£299 one-off for satellite equipment. £199 for WiFi router/firewall

Live Monitoring

We monitor our client’s circuits with us. Any issues, we’ll know before you do and will already be working on a fix.

Named Contact

We’re not a faceless company. You will have a named employee to own, deliver and be 100% accountable for your service.

UK Support

Phone us and you’ll get straight through to our Brighton HQ within a couple of rings. No auto attendants but human beings.

Plain English

We talk your language whether your an IT pro or novice. We’ll deliver a solution that work for your business.

Award Winning

Our clients love us but we win independent awards for the services we deliver throughout the UK too.


We want to know your business so we can help deliver the best possible solutions at the best possible price.

Full Service

We’re a full service ISP offering LAN consultancy, hosted VoIP, IP surveillance, mobile phones and much more.

Quick Fix

Rapid 12 hour fix times on issues on the network with our engineers updating you all along the way.
Assured Satellite T&Cs

Please contact OptaNet about the range of satellite services that are available to your location. You may be entitled to government subsidies to cover the cost of installation and equipment. 2GB mobile data allowance is provided as standard on each Assured Satellite product with an option to increase this to 50Gb per month. Please request this upon order. Installation of equipment at your premises is not included in the price and is on a case by case basis. Satellite equipment is a one off cost of £299 although can be amortised over the contract term. Activation and our high performing WiFi router/firewall is a one off cost of £199.

100% uptime is based upon the service as a whole. In order to claim service credits there must be a simultaneous failure of both the satellite and mobile signal. Service credits are paid after the first minute of downtime and will increase depending on the length of total downtime. Service credits owed will not exceed 50% of your monthly invoice for the service. OptaNet will proactively include service credits in your next month’s invoice. You do not need to claim them. This offer is subject to your existing mobile signal coverage. The location of your router may impact this signal and OptaNet are not accountable for incorrect, enclosed or poorly positioned equipment. OptaNet is not accountable for any downtime relating to the use of all available mobile data. Please note that slow internet on the failover circuit will not count as downtime. After communication from OptaNet, it is up to the client to communicate to its employees when the failover circuit activates, thus ensuring any undue strain on the service is prevented.

All prices shown are ex-VAT and subject to survey. All bandwidths shown as the maximum that can be achieved. Please note that these are broadband products and the speeds that you get may differ from those advertised.

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