Next month you will be able to buy internet from OptaNet.

We are one of the first ISPs offering connectivity in the UK. Our staff are fully up to speed with this new technology, allowing us to discuss, install and support solutions.

David Elliott

CEO, OptaNet available in February 2017

OptaNet has a history of delivering ground breaking products and services, and right now we’re at the forefront of an exciting new development in internet connectivity.

Next month, businesses in select parts of the UK will be able to buy broadband from us. This service delivers download speeds up to four times those of fibre broadband, and over ten times more than the UK average.

We will have products depending on your budget, the speed you require and what is currently available to your location. will be available to businesses in 17 locations, including Bolton, Swindon, Swansea and parts of London. In order to find out what’s available to you, please call 0203 475 3610 and we will check your postcode.

Customers want their broadband to be affordable as well as fast and we will be able to do that using

Gavin Patterson

CEO, British Telecom

Faster than fibre broadband with speeds of up to 330Mbps

Upload speeds of 50Mbps, better than Virgin cable or fibre broadband

Low cost with pricing comparative to fibre broadband

Exceptionally quick install times as it uses existing copper phone cables

Future proof as tests have already delivered 1Gbps download speeds

BT Openreach backed and recommended by CEO, Gavin Patterson

Worldwide deployment such as the US and Switzerland

We are talking to businesses now, to help them understand and how they can take advantage of this new technology. Stay one step ahead of the competition and speak to OptaNet today.

0203 475 3611