Christchurch and East Dorset Councils Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

Today a new Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme has been launched for businesses in Christchurch and East Dorset. The Scheme offers up to £2,000 for businesses upgrading to superfast broadband. Key features of the Scheme:


  • Vouchers are available from £100 up to £2,000 for SMEs based in the Christchurch and East Dorset area.
  • Designed to help cover the cost of connection to a superfast broadband service where it currently isn’t available.
  • Businesses can apply on their own or in combination with others to pool resources at particular locations.
  • Available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis (until the budget is used up).

How Can OptaNet Help?

We have been delivering Connection Vouchers since the very first day of the UK-wide voucher scheme back in 2014. We have helped businesses get the most value for money and along the way, whilst connecting them to a faster and more reliable internet connection, from fibre broadband right through to 100Mb Ethernet leased lines.

You can choose to improve the internet for your own company, or for a number of businesses located in the same area. We have done both. If you are in a building with poor internet service, by pooling vouchers we can install a fast internet service where the running costs can be shared between all businesses. If you are a landlord, this is the ideal opportunity to increase the value of your building. Give us a call to discuss this further.

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Christchurch Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme

The Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme has opened up to businesses in Christchurch & East Dorset.

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Broadband Voucher Scheme Eligibility Criteria

At the date of application:

  • The business must be classed as a SME (Small or Medium sized Enterprise)
  • You employ less than 250 people with a turnover of less than £22.8m per annum.
  • The business must not be part of a larger organisation(s) that exceeds the definition of a SME
  • The business must not have any relationship with the supplier of the service.
  • The business must be based within the Christchurch and East Dorset Councils postcode area.
  • The new broadband service must provide a minimum download speed of 30Mb/s,
  • If current service is 30Mb/s or greater, the new service will deliver at least double current speed.
  • The business cannot have already received public funding for improved internet connectivity.
  • The business must be entering into a contract of at least six months with the broadband supplier.
  • The business cannot have received aid exceeding the de minimis threshold of 200,000 euros from any public funding source, including Lottery, over a three year period.

Please note:

  • Landlords of business premises are eligible providing both they and their business tenants meet the eligibility criteria.
  • SMEs located at the same premises may pool vouchers in order to upgrade broadband connections. All the businesses must meet the eligibility criteria.

Broadband Voucher Scheme Eligibility Costs

The likely eligible incremental costs of providing the access connection are described in this document. Broadly, the
lines of demarcation in the network that qualify for subsidy are:

Network side:
The downstream port from the nearest active switching/routing device to a customer’s Network Terminating Equipment (NTE).
Customer side:
The customer side ports (or wireless antenna) of the Network Termination Equipment (NTE) to which a Network Communicating Equipment (NCE) is connected.

Passive and powered splitters/combiners, amplifiers, repeaters and regenerators which do not provide a switching/routing function that are within these lines of demarcation qualify for subsidy, as do other intermediate items that are required to provide the requisite service, as described below.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or NTE devices which provide a general computing function beyond supporting a network data service do not qualify for subsidy, including most NCE devices, telephones, tablets, laptops and PCs. By contrast CPE or NTE devices specific to the solution specified by the SME that only provide a networking function, including, modems, (wireless) routers, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), 4G dongles, and internal 4G modules for laptops do qualify. While the precise categories of permitted expenditure will be dependent on the solution offered to the SME the following categories of eligible expenditure are intended to provide suppliers with an indication of the likely qualifying items.

Note – The minimum contract term for a connection supported by a voucher is 6 months.

Thanks again to the team at OptaNet for an utterly amazing job getting us up and running in our new office!
Paul Brooke

Director, Wish Studios