The popularity of the Connection Voucher Scheme has seen a hectic few months where millions of pounds worth of vouchers have been requested. The scheme was scheduled to end in March 2016, or when the £40m fund was used up, but with almost £1.5m being applied for per week, the money always looked as if it would run out first. As of yesterday, the Connection Voucher Scheme has been suspended.

This will not impact any vouchers that are currently in process of that have been requested from councils. However any new voucher requests will not be dealt with.

Three weeks ago, due to the sheer volume of requests, London halted any further applications and recently removed the ability to apply online via their website. The next few weeks will see councils, many working overtime, to go through all the applications they have in their inboxes.

If you have any questions about the scheme, one of your applications, or how you can still benefit from free installation with OptaNet, please call 0203 475 3611.

Dear Supplier,

Suspension of Connection Voucher Scheme

We write to notify you that the Connection Voucher Scheme (“the Scheme”) has been suspended with immediate effect.

The funds available to the Scheme are close to being fully committed and it has now become necessary to suspend the Scheme.

Please note that, in accordance with the Scheme’s terms and conditions1, BDUK will not fulfil vouchers for orders placed after the date of this suspension (12th Oct 2015).