Iowa Caucus 2016

About The Event

Des Moines, Iowa

The Iowa Caucus is an electoral event in which residents of the U.S. state of Iowa meet in precinct caucuses in all of Iowa’s 1,681 precincts and elect delegates to the corresponding county conventions. There are 99 counties in Iowa, and thus there are 99 conventions. These county conventions then select delegates for both Iowa’s Congressional District Convention and the State Convention, which eventually choose the delegates for the presidential nominating conventions.

The Iowa Caucus is noteworthy for the amount of media attention they receive during U.S. presidential election years. Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for President of the United States. Past winners of their party’s nomination who have gone on to win the general election include Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

Our Involvement

With the large number of news networks, broadcasting across the US and overseas, we were chosen to provide internet access to this prestigious and important political event. We installed multiple short term contract gigabit internet circuits, including last minute circuits within one week of the additional bandwidth being agreed.

Our network team designed a fully resilient solution making sure of no single point of failure. The design looked at ISP, data center locations and building entry points along with ensuring that the onsite network was deployed in an N+1 configuration, meaning that no one factor could result in a total network failure. Bandwidth was then portioned out based on the individual requirements of the news networks allowing them to broadcast their footage. An attendee WiFi network was built using the same design ethos. This was set up as a separate network to the broadcast network ensuring accidental or malicious incidents would not interrupt the broadcast transmission.

Finally, our team set up an onsite Network Operations Centre near the main stage. They actively monitored all aspects of the event network for possible faults before they arose, meaning corrective measures could be made before any fault became service affecting.

Delivering the internet and the network for the Iowa Caucus is no small undertaking. This event goes a long way to decide who will represent their party and potentially end up being the President of the United States of America. We are proud to be a part of this process and that OptaNet was chosen to deliver such a high profile project.

David Elliott

Managing Director, OptaNet

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