Fibre to the Premises

Ultrafast broadband connectivity up to 1Gbps

Future-proof, flexible and low cost connectivity from OptaNet. A fibre connection directly into your premises, delivering lightening fast speeds up to 1Gbps with greater reliability. Start on a lower download speed and upgrade as your company grows. You can move to FTTP and cancel your existing phone and broadband service. Keep your existing phone number and use FTTP for your calls too.

FTTP delivers superior reliability over other broadband products and we monitor every circuit live, from over 50 locations worldwide.


Ultrafast 80


Up to 80Mbps

Download speed

Up to 20Mbps

Upload speeds


Ultrafast 160


Up to 160Mbps

Download speed

Up to 30Mbps

Upload speeds


Ultrafast 330


Up to 330Mbps

Download speed

Up to 50Mbps

Upload speeds


Ultrafast 550


Up to 550 Mbps

Download speed

Up to 75Mbps

Upload speeds


Ultrafast 1000


Up to 1Gbps

Download speed

Up to 115Mbps

Upload speeds

5* Router for Life

£70 and it’s yours for life

Unlimited Data

Totally unlimited data allowance

12 & 24 months

Contract terms on all products


Lifetime Price Guarantee

No price increase – ever

No Call Centres

Speak to a human in 3 rings

No Support Levels

No call triage. Get an expert first time

Free Installation

On 24 month term only

Free Circuit Monitoring

We’ll monitor your circuit for issues

Free Static IP

Free IP address with more available

Rapid Installation

Installation within two weeks

100% UK Support

We don’t have overseas offices

99% Uptime SLA

99% uptime target for FTTP
FTTP is data only. This means you do not require, and it does not work as a phone line. However, you can keep your phone number(s) and make and receive calls using our VoIP licence at an additional £8.50/month. * Connection for all FTTP products is £45 or free if you take out a 24 month term. Router is £70 or you can use your own.

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Phone our office and speak to a member of the sales team – Mon-Fri 9am – 5:30pm


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We are trusted by companies of all sizes. Regardless of size, you get the same OptaNet service, and access to some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.


Can I use FTTP to make and receive calls?
You can still make calls using the product, but you will need to add a service called Voice over IP, or internet calling. We can add this to the service and you can keep your existing phone number(s). It’s half the price of a phone line and it gives you a large number of benefits and features.
Is it possible to upgrade to a faster speed?
Yes. The beauty of FTTP is that you can start on a slower speed and then upgrade to a faster speed after 12 months of your contract. We’ll be offering a 1Gbps product in 2020.
What is the maximum speed possible with FTTP?
At the moment it’s 330Mbps download. But in 2020 we will launch our 1Gbps download product and our clients will be able to upgrade to it.
What router is supplied with FTTP?
We fully configure and ship the 5* rated Technicolour DWA0120. Not only is this a recommended WiFi router suitable for most businesses, it can be used with all our broadband products from ADSL, to FTTC and up to 1Gbps FTTP.
Do I need a phone line with this service?
Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is a data only product, so it won’t allow you to make calls over to copper phone lines like older products. This is an internet only product and you do not need to pay for a phone line as well.
How long will it take to install fibre?
If you already have FTTP into your premises you can migrate a live service to OptaNet within a week. If it’s connected but not live, this may require an Openreach engineer to attend the site and activate it. If FTTP is in the vicinity but your building isn’t connected Openreach will need to attend your premises to install an Optical Network Termination unit. This process can take two weeks until you are live.
How can I check to see if FTTP is available to me?
We can do that for you if you email or call 0203 475 3611. If you want to do this yourself, just go to the BT DSL Checker and click on the Address Checker at the bottom of the page, then input your postcode and click Submit. You will then be given a choice of properties with that postcode. Select yours and Submit. To understand the results, please go to our Ultrafast Broadband Checker article.
Your customer service has been excellent throughout, and it’s been a breath of fresh air, compared to past developments ordered with either BT or Virgin. OptaNet project managed our installations in a hassle-free way, ensuring delivery of our services before the agreed deadlines. Their knowledge of available products has been second to none. Thank you once again for your professionalism, speed and quality of service.
Graham Kuhlmann