Microsoft Build 2016

About The Event

Moscone Center, San Francisco

Microsoft Build is annual event that’s designed to give software developers a better understanding of what Microsoft is planning for the rest of the year. This event, held in San Francisco was fully sold out and the only way to keep up to date was via live streams and social media updates.

The keynote is arguably the most important session, with previous events covering exciting information regarding Windows 10, HoloLens, Microsoft Edge, Azure Machine Learning, DirectX 12, Visual Studio, Continuum and everything in between.

Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to meet and learn from others in the industry. The event culminates with a Post-Build Hackathon, incorporating multiple tiers of challenges by including various Microsoft technologies and APIs.

Our Involvement

It is important on these large events to have live real-time visibility of all network devices. This is one of the reasons it was decided to build out a new network from the ground up, bypassing the incumbent network. This means the network could be tailored to the specific design needs of the event ensuring state-of-the-art hardware running the latest tested and approved software is used. A team of engineers installed a fully resilient N+1 10gig network core consisting of HA firewalls and distribution switches, the network included two diverse 10gig internet feeds and a third circuit wireless delivered to the roof. The design meant no single point of failure could disrupt the event.

The team set up an onsite Network Operation Centre both for the main event network and an additional NOC back stage to monitor the 100% separate resilient “Keynote” network. Each NOC actively monitored every aspect of the network, from the internet feeds throughput, latency and packet loss, through to the health of all the devices installed for the event, meaning that should a problem arise, corrective measures could be put in place before anything could become service affecting.

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