Data Driven 2016

About The Event

2 World Trade Center, New York

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other company leaders shared why data is so critical in our world today. This press event was held on the 43-44th floors of 225 Liberty (2 World Finance Center), New York, NY

OptaNet were chosen as a key technology partner for this unique event in a unique venue, the event took place on the vacant and gutted top two floors of the building. This well attended event provided guests with an early look at SQL Server on Linux and a preview of SQL Server 2016. Other key points included migratation from Oracle with free licenses.

Our Involvement

No infrastructure pre-existed in the venue which meant the network was built out entirely from scratch for the event. A team of engineers installed a fully resilient N+1 network core consisting of HA firewalls and distribution switches, the network included two diverse internet feeds – one of which was delivered wirelessly to the roof on the 44th floor. The design meant no single point of failure could disrupt the event.

The team set up an onsite Network Operation Centre back stage and actively monitored every aspect of the network, from the internet feeds throughput, latency and packet loss, through to the health of all the devices installed for the event, meaning that should a problem arise, corrective measures could be put in place before anything could become service affecting to the event.

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