Microsoft Inspire 2018

Usually, when you get a weekend mail from Bill [Gates], you kind of wait and see, ‘Do I really want to open it now?’ And I opened it, and I’ve been working with Bill for a long time, and it started by saying, ‘Wow.’ I’ve never seen those words from him.
Satya Nadella

OptaNet recently provided network design and support for the combined Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Ready conferences in Las Vegas. The combined network spanned the Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, MGM Park, Aria and The Venetian Hotels, with the Keynote sessions taking place at the 20,000 capacity T-Mobile Arena. Multiple resilient circuits were utilised for the event and full N+1 active/active network core was deployed ensuring no single device failure could cause a network outage.

The event was then monitored in real time by our onsite support team, in state of the art purpose built network operations centres in multiple locations throughout the event. Any issue no matter how small would be detected and resolved before becoming service effecting. We also deployed a dedicated isolated network and monitoring for the Keynote ensuring that any possible issues that might arise anywhere on the network would not affect the Keynote presentation.


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