Microsoft Teams

November 2nd 2016, New York & San Francisco

OptaNet’s digital and telecommunications excellence is relied upon by Microsoft to deliver their shows worldwide. Although typically these shows are some of their largest, we are also required to deliver smaller events and announcements.

Under a shroud of secrecy, Microsoft launched their new Office 365 addition; Microsoft Teams. OptaNet were in two locations to make sure this announcement happened smoothly. In New York we were on hand to make sure that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella could make the announcement at a private media event. We were also in San Francisco, making sure the announcement was broadcast live to gathered press.



Microsoft Teams provides a central place online for workplace groups to chat, share files and perform other tasks. This complements other programs provided by Microsoft and will easily allow users to switch to others such as Skype (for voice and video conferencing) and Outlook (for email). Microsoft Teams is available to Office 365 commercial customers with Office 365 Enterprise or Business plans. The preview is available in 181 countries and 18 languages.



“Designed to facilitate real-time conversations and collaborations while maintaining and building up that institutional knowledge of a team.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

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