Based in Newcastle? Did you know you can get a wireless leased line?

Newcastle has fully embraced wireless leased lines, and is currently one of the fastest growing locations for this technology. Businesses are now realising that wireless leased lines are a valid and high performing alternative to their wired counterparts.

David Elliott

Managing Director, OptaNet

Newcastle Wireless Leased Lines

As a provider of the full suite of connectivity products, we’re perfectly placed to advise our customers of the best solution for them. What we’re seeing now is a large uptake of wireless leased lines in Newcastle. The reason? It’s a relatively new product for the region, although it’s been successfully deployed and used by large companies in other cities for many years.

Historically, if a business wanted a dedicated leased line, they would have to order a wired circuit, that may often involve excess construction charges. These have involved road closures and in some cases, just weren’t possible to deliver at all. A wireless leased line have given businesses in Newcastle a viable alternative.

Our wireless leased lines deliver between 10Mbps and 2Gbps of symmetrical, dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth. Installation can take as little as 25 days as it’s completely independent from BT or Virgin infrastructure. No digging. No road closures. No excess construction costs, just a set installation fee that can also be amortised over the contract term.

They all come with an impressive 99.95% uptime SLA and a 4 hour fix time. We can also deliver a full 100% uptime SLA when taken out with a backup circuit. See our wireless leased line section for more information. A wireless leased line in Newcastle could be the best option for your business, and should you move locations, we also have the flexibility to relocate your connection.


As our wireless leased lines are provided over radio circuits, they are quickly scalable to allow you to expand your bandwidth when required. Unlike some fibre services, you also have the flexibility to relocate your service should you move within our service areas.

Managed Costs

Wireless leased lines come with fixed installation costs and no excess construction charges (ECCs) meaning our competitive monthly pricing makes it easier for you to manage your spending. We pro-actively monitor all our wireless leased line circuits for any potential issues.


Our wireless leased lines come with 99.95% uptime SLA but can be provided alongside a wired, fixed line connection to enhance resilience with no single point of failure.

“Your customer service has been excellent throughout, and it’s been a breath of fresh air, compared to past developments ordered with either BT or Virgin. OptaNet project managed our installations in a hassle-free way, ensuring delivery of our services before the agreed deadlines. Their knowledge of available products has been second to none. Thank you once again for your professionalism, speed and quality of service.”

Graham Kuhlmann

Senior Project Manager, TSD Group