We deliver temporary and permanent digital solutions for events
Communication between us and their team was strong and friendly throughout. We felt as though we were guided every step of the way through a process which otherwise would have been relatively unknown and no doubt problematic for us.
Caroline Dennard

European Ceramics and Militaria Departments, Halls

Your full service event technology partner

Combine our events experience with our communications services and you get everything your event needs. We have evolved with advances in technology. We plan and install CCTV surveillance systems and VoIP telecommunications services, along with high density WiFi networks for any number of concurrent connections. This is all delivered over our temporary and resilient internet connection, with speeds up to 10Gb on the primary line.

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Site Surveys

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Event Consultancy

We understand that in order to build a large scale event capable of supporting thousands of attendees, you must work with a company you can trust. We are relied upon to deliver some of the worlds largest events.

We can provide consultancy only or deliver every element of the project. The choice is yours. Our team will discuss the requirements with you and then perform a thorough site visit. Nothing is left to chance. In most cases, we find that we have already worked in the event venue and this often gives us an advantage of knowing the key venue personnel and layout.

High Density WiFi

We can deliver a high density network plan to show you visually where the most popular areas are likely to be at your event, plus detailed analytics post event. All necessary equipment will be shipped to the location, connected and tested, with staff on hand throughout to monitor and act immediately on any issues that may arise.


We organise the provision of high speed, resilient internet connectivity to the venue or location. We arrange for primary and failover circuits to be installed in advance, and they are then thoroughly tested by ourselves. Everything is then removed after the event has taken place.

Event CCTV

We can provide CCTV at your event on a temporary basis, allowing you to have recorded footage of incidents.

Equipment Rental

We have a large range of equipment in stock that can be shipped to an event at a moments notice. We make sure our equipment is updated to the latest version, configured and tested by our experienced technicians before shipping. At the venue we test once again to make sure we prevent any issues arising.

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