Kings Court in Newport, Wales will shortly become one of the most future proofed renovations in the country. OptaNet are installing a 1Gb Ethernet leased line and failover solutions to satisfy the demands of residential, commercial and retail users.

Situated on High Street, The Kings once had a thriving public bar, called the Raglan Bar, but this was lost in a refurbishment some years ago. It has also been a popular music venue and hosted concerts by singers such as Van Morrison in its ballroom in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 2014 the site was bought and has been lovingly restored. In doing so the huge development has been turned into 32 stunning one and two bedroom apartments. The ground floor contains two retail units, whilst the first floor contains three huge office spaces.

With one eye on the past, the developers have been looking to the future, making sure that once developed, the building is as future proof as possible.

OptaNet were awarded the contract in August 2015 and spent time advising on ways in which the internet could be used to best effect. At the core was a network design containing a 1Gb Ethernet leased line, to be installed in a comms room that had yet to be built.

With numerous failover opportunities, the network design was flexible enough to deliver for whoever moved into the units, no matter what their requirement or security demands.


OptaNet worked closely with the Site Manager and Senior Project Manager to study architectural plans and advise on the optimal location for the comms and server rooms. Tenant packs were created to provide a list of the opportunities available for tenants, utilising the 1Gb Ethernet leased line.

Ultrafast Internet

OptaNet quickly organised a site survey and the installation of the 1Gb Ethernet leased line, with 100Mb upload/download for the exclusive use of the residential tenants. Further bandwidth was portioned off into the retail and commercial units as requested by tenants, with their own firewall and choice of failover.

CCTV & Security

OptaNet provided advice on IP CCTV solutions, utilising the new 1Gb circuit and allowing the property managers to monitor the building from a remote location. The internal and external cameras were provided and installed by OptaNet in conjunction with other deliverables, thus saving time on the overall project.

Building WiFi

With global experience in the events industry, OptaNet were well positioned to provide building-wide WiFi, to be used in communal areas and guests into the building. Wireless access points were chosen and installed throughout Kings Court to flood the building with a strong and secure wireless signal.

Phone Systems

The OptaNet Hosted Voice Exchange solution (HVX) is a VoIP offering that delivers crystal clear calls over the internet. As calls are made over the 1Gb connection, call costs remain low and in many cases, free. The solution is packed with features – such as pairing a handset with your mobile.

Door Entry Systems

As an indication of just how many solutions can be delivered over the 1Gb connection, OptaNet also recommended, purchased and installed video door entry systems for each of the residential units. This allowed tenants to see guests before they were granted access to the building.

For more information about Kings Court and previous projects, please visit the website. To see how OptaNet can help your new build, renovation or how we can retrofit the network to existing buildings, please call 0203 475 3611 or email