Helping small businesses grow.

We have a range of low cost, high performing products to set you apart from your competition.

Helping small businesses grow.

We have a range of low cost, high performing products to set you apart from your competition.


Cost plays a huge part in your choice of internet circuit, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on reliability or put your business at risk. We have a range of broadband solutions or take control of your internet with your own dedicated leased line circuit.

Standard ADSL Broadband

Download speeds of up to 23Mbps with unlimited data and includes a phone line.


Superfast Fibre Broadband

Choose 40Mbps or 80Mbps download with unlimited data and business premium phone line.


Ultrafast FTTP/ Broadband

We have two FTTP and two products with download speeds of up to 330Mbps.


Ethernet in the First Mile 

Choose a bandwidth up to 35Mbps up/down. Dedicated, uncontended and guaranteed.


100% Uptime Internet

We don’t know of any other ISP who is prepared to offer a 100% uptime SLA on their broadband products. We do. If you worry about downtime and how it will affect your productivity and brand reputation, then our Assured Internet™ range is for you.

We combine two diverse products that can be installed to your location. If one fails it will automatically switch over to the other. This keeps your employees working, PDQ machines taking money and phones working. Best of all our Assured Superfast products start from just £55.99/month + router and installation, meaning they’re affordable for any business.

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Small Business VoIP

Are you still using a phone line or perhaps onside ISDN? BT has set a target date of 2025 for completing the migration of all ISDN and PSTN customers to IP. It’s old technology ready to be phased out. If you are are looking to make the move, then we can help. Our cloud hosted voice service can be ready for you in 24 hours, and available on 30 day terms.

Keep your existing phone numbers and then take advantage of everything a cloud phone solution can offer, for one low cost licence fee per month. Never miss a call again, as you can answer your landline number on your mobile or redirect numbers immediately via a secure online portal.

“Your customer service has been excellent throughout, and it’s been a breath of fresh air, compared to past developments ordered with either BT or Virgin. OptaNet project managed our installations in a hassle-free way, ensuring delivery of our services before the agreed deadlines. Their knowledge of available products has been second to none. Thank you once again for your professionalism, speed and quality of service.”

Graham Kuhlmann

Senior Project Manager, TSD Group