As experienced WiFi providers we can flood your office with a reliable WiFi service.

Today we already see laptops and advanced handsets connected, but in the future everything that will be benefit from being connected will be connected. There will be 50 billion connections by 2020.

Hans Vestberg

President and CEO, Ericsson

Business WiFi Providers

There will be more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020 so a secure, reliable and fast WiFi service has never been more important for your business. We are experienced WiFi providers to businesses throughout the UK, delivering the solution from beginning to end. Your solution will be different from any other that we have done, so we fully design the solution to work just for your building and for your employees and/or guests.

Our experienced WiFi planners work with floors plans and if required, visit your premises, enabling them to design a WiFi network and channel plan. Particular attention is given to high density WiFi areas, wall density, room size, expected number of connected devices, security restrictions etc. As we aren’t tied to a single provider we can then recommend devices from Cisco, Meraki, Xirrus or Ubiquiti. This allows us to provide a solution that mirrors your budget and requirements.

Our involvement doesn’t stop there either. We configure all the devices, set up your online dashboard with devices locations, maps, SSIDs etc and then send our experienced structured cabling team to complete the installation. All this is fully project managed using a secure online project management tool, so you can follow progress in real time.

For businesses with offices or stores in different geographical regions, we can provide your WiFi so you can monitor all your WiFi devices and network performance, on a single web page. We are WiFi providers for businesses of all sizes from small coffee shops to large cinemas and multi-site companies. For more information please call 0203 475 3610.

Call: 0203 475 3610 email: sales@optanetnov18.azurewebsites.net

“Your customer service has been excellent throughout, and it’s been a breath of fresh air, compared to past developments ordered with either BT or Virgin. OptaNet project managed our installations in a hassle-free way, ensuring delivery of our services before the agreed deadlines. Their knowledge of available products has been second to none. Thank you once again for your professionalism, speed and quality of service.”

Graham Kuhlmann

Senior Project Manager, TSD Group