Ever wondered what the BT Checker means? We explain it all.

BT Broadband Checker – Explained.

We get a lot of questions from companies about the BT Broadband Checker. We always recommend that companies get in touch with us directly to find out what services are available to them, but we understand that some are reluctant to give their details. In this case, the BT Broadband Checker is a good tool to find out details information.

We would not recommend using Sam Knows or other sites as they can be very misleading. We have heard numerous stories of companies checking with Virgin Media to see if they can get a service, and their website confirming it’s available, only for them to find out later it isn’t.

The broadband checker allows you to input your BT phone number or address to find out what internet services are available. Once you submit, you might be surprised by the results. Here is a handy guide to what you may see.



VDSL Range used to be listed as FTTC and this is your estimated maximum for fibre broadband (also known as fibre to the cabinet). Downstream is the download and upstream is the upload. At the time of writing, the best download you can get is 80Mbps and upload is 20Mbps. Clean refers to no detectable copper line quality problems and impacted would be if issues were found. Downstream Handback Threshold is a BT Wholesale term. “In order to be eligible for handback, downstream speed should be less than Downstream Handback Threshold values.” This is important as if your line speeds is constantly below this speed you should be able to cancel your service without penalty. FTTC Availability Date is when the service is going to be live or if it’s already available.

WBC FTTC 18×2 is a low cost fibre broadband service with 18Mbps download and 2Mbps upload. It has been priced cheaper than standard 80/20 broadband to encourage those on ADSL to make the upgrade without too much of a change in price. Our fibre broadband services are priced low, so we do not offer this as a service.

We think that will be the future of internet connectivity in the UK and surpass fibre broadband within a few years. This has now been added to the BT Broadband Checker but although is being tested in areas around the UK, we wouldn’t expect too many locations to show anything here until the end of 2017. As you can see from the table above, up to 257.3Mbps is the maximum download speed and 35Mbps upload. We are a internet provider, so contact us if this is available for you.

FTTP or Fibre To The Premises is a contended fibre service and part of the ‘ultrafast broadband‘ set of broadband products. We can deliver FTTP but there are very few ISPs who offer FTToD. FTTPoD is an ‘on-demand’ service means we can install it, either for your own business, or potentially shared with others within the same building. FTTP is more costly for Openreach to installed, so we expect their focus to be more on the delivery of over the next few years at least.

Last on the list is ADSL, also known as standard broadband. This product has been surpassed by all the others previously mentioned although at one time is was the main service throughout the UK. In some cases though, your search may only return ADSL services as none of the others are available. This does not mean you are limited to slow ADSL broadband. You may be able to get a low cost copper leased line or full fibre leased line.

“Your customer service has been excellent throughout, and it’s been a breath of fresh air, compared to past developments ordered with either BT or Virgin. OptaNet project managed our installations in a hassle-free way, ensuring delivery of our services before the agreed deadlines. Their knowledge of available products has been second to none. Thank you once again for your professionalism, speed and quality of service.”
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Senior Project Manager, TSD Group

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