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Fibre broadband and Cloud Voice

Internet and VoIP package for SMEs. 

Traditional phone services will no longer work in 2025, which is why we have created this product to act as a replica of your existing telephone and broadband product. Switch to an OptaNet internet and VoIP product before your phone line is cut off.

Fibre broadband and cloud voice

If you have a traditional phone line and broadband, this is the product you’ll need to switch to before December 2025.

Openreach will be switching off their PSTN network and this means that everyone using a traditional phone line, PBX or ISDN product, will need to move to internet calling. That’s 15 million homes and businesses.

BT call their product a ‘Digital Phone Line’ but we’ve called it Cloud Voice, because all your phone settings are stored securely in the cloud. This enables you to access them from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world.

You can migrate your existing phone number(s) and then use a free app on your phone to make and receive calls from it. You’ll appear on the recipients screen as if you’re in the office, and if they call your work number, your mobile will ring. Never miss a call again.

Additional benefits of of our Cloud Voice product include 5000 free minutes to UK landlines and mobiles per month, voicemail to email, auto attendants and much more.

Cloud Voice, is paired with either Superfast Broadband using fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or Ultrafast Broadband using fibre to the premises (FTTP). By combining the two, you have simplified billing, a single point of contact in OptaNet for any support issues, and a discount on the price of buying them separately.

Cloud hosted VoIP - Cloud Voice

Take your number everywhere

Never miss a work call again.

If you can’t get into the office, or someone calls you when you’re not there, do you miss that call? With Cloud Voice, calls to your business phone number can be answered directly on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Access your work phone directory, transfer calls to colleagues and make calls as if you’re sat at work, from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world.