Become an internet reseller 

It’s quick and easy to become an internet reseller with OptaNet

We are an award winning, fast growing, full service ISP with a portfolio that spans voice, cloud, mobile, data, security and the events industry. Our financially rewarding virtual internet service provider (Virtual ISP) programme has been in place since 2014 and provides businesses of all types additional revenue streams. Become an internet reseller today.

Our offering has been fine tuned over the years to make sure there’s an opportunity to suit you, whether you wish to white label or products and services or prefer a more hands off approach, and benefit financially for referrals. For more information call 0203 475 3611 or email 


You fully own the relationship with your clients and control the price at which you want to sell our products and services at. You choose whether you want us to provide 1st line support or whether you will. In addition, you can bill your client or if you don’t have the ability to do so, we can bill them directly. Your clients will not know that products and services come from OptaNet and it will be entirely white-labelled. Resell broadband, resell leased lines or resell VoIP – it’s totally up to you.

  • You deal with your clients and we are your silent partner
  • You bill your clients with a mark-up. We bill you directly
  • We can act as you on calls/in meeting
  • No minimum commitment or pressure to sell
  • White-label documentation for you to re-brand
  • Excel price list to easily add your mark-up formulas

We resell broadband and have just started to resell leased lines to our clients. We make a minimum of 18% per client, per circuit, per month. We have one contact at OptaNet rather than having to deal with various ISPs who are often based overseas. It was a no-brainer for us.

IT Support Company (London)


Refer OptaNet to your clients for a particular product or service, and we do the rest. We manage the relationship from then on. You earn commission on every single sale that is made no matter how long they remain as our clients. You can be confident that the client you refer will be working with a trusted, reliable and respected provider. We will always keep in mind that they are linked to you and your business.


  • Generous commission scheme
  • No knowledge required of any products
  • No obligation or commitment to sales
  • No paperwork or agreements to sign
  • Earn on all our products and services
  • Desk-based account manager
  • Monthly commission statements


Whether they resell broadband or they resell leased lines, our partners trust us to deliver. OptaNet are responsible for keeping small businesses online, and those with a global presence. 

Reseller FAQs

Is there a minimum commitment I need to reach per month?

No. You can resell as much or as little as you want. We don’t hold you to a minimum amount per month like other companies do.

Is there a lot of paperwork?

No. We send you over a New Partner Form so that we have details of who we need to speak to and invoice at your company. We also send over a standard NDA. These are both by DocuSign and take a few minutes to complete. You could be up and running within half an hour.

Will you approach my clients directly?

Never. Our whole reseller model is based upon us being your silent partner and you being the virtual ISP. If we dealt with one business directly, our whole reseller business would collapse. Our NDA that is also signed by us, says we will not poach or deal with your clients directly.

How much can I make if I resell leased lines?

We have some of the lowest priced leased lines available to our resellers. The mark-up is up to you, but we are on hand to help with any recommended retail prices. From experience our resellers add between 10%-50% to our monthly prices. This gives them a regular monthly revenue for three years or five years (depending on the term they sell to their client for).

Can I become a broadband reseller?

You can resell any of our internet products, such as ultrafast FTTP broadband for example. The markup is less on broadband but more products are available to you such as ADSL, FTTC, G.Fast and FTTP. There is a huge opportunity to resell FTTP at the moment.

Do I need to know about all the products and services?

Not really, but it’s good to get some knowledge of the different internet products and what they do. We can help and it’ll take an hour to cover them all. We also provide help and can act as your company on calls and in meetings if you would like. 

Referral FAQs

Do I need to know about your products and services?

All you need to know is that we sell internet, phone and VoIP (internet calling) products. If you know someone who’s looking for something like that, just send them our way. We’ll reward you if they order from us.

How often will I get paid?

You will be paid each time the company you referred orders a product or service and upon their first invoice payment. 

How do you know that I referred a client?

You will need to email us at to let us know you have just referred us to a company. We then assign your name to that company. We will get in touch with you to let you know what product they have ordered and the amount of commission owed to you.

Is there a cap on the number of referrals I can make?

Absolutely not. You can refer as many companies as you wish. Every time they order something from us, you’ll get commission.